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Nicole Sabrina Roca / (408)644-2419

Eyes: Hazel                                                                                                                

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano/Belt   

Hair: Chocolate Brown                                                                                             

Height: 5’5



The Hunchback of Notre Dame     Gyspy ensemble                Hillbarn Theater/dir. Riley Costello

The Little Mermaid                           Andrina                              CMT Marquee/ dir. Kevin Hauge

Evita                                                    Ensemble                           Broadway By the Bay/ Jason Hoover

Marvelous Wonderettes                  Cindy Lou Huffington      New Conservatory Theater/dir. Ed Decker

Grease                                                Marty                                 One More Productions / dir. Damien Lorton

Big River                                             Joanna Wilkes                   One More Productions / dir. Damien Lorton

Necessary Targets                            Nuna                                 Grand Central Station Thtr./ dir. Rita Renee

Sideshow                                            Violet Hilton                     CMTSJ/dir.Kevin Hauge

Seussical the Musical                        Mayzie La Bird                CMTSJ/ dir. Dana Zell

Fiddler on the Roof                            Hodel                               CMTSJ/dir. John McLuggage

Jane Eyre                                              Schoolgirl/understudy   Theatreworks San Jose / dir. Robert Kelley

Industrial/ Special Events

Just Rock, Win, New Intro, Legends   Production Singer                   Carnival Cruise Lines (M.S. Elation)

Towel Animal Theatre                          Toots (original cast)                CCL / Dir. John Tartaglia

Pop Fusion                                            Singer/Vocal Captain              CA Great America/ Dir. Desi Arnaz   

TIBBIES cabaret theater                      Featured Singer/Dancer         Queen Mary/dir. Todd Vigiletti

        NYC Rhythm

        Holiday Follies 2010,

        Rockin’ Down Broadway

The Peelers Band                                Female Singer                          Mashups & Medely's cover band




Bachelor of Arts - California State University, Fullerton (2009)


VOICE:    Marian Bodnar , Linda Middlebusher, Jackie Stewart-Hammond             

VOICEOVER:  Voice One ( Elaine Clarke) ,Compost Productions ( Bill Holmes)

DANCE:  Ballet, Jazz, Musical theater, and Tap

ACTING: Evelyn Carol Case ,Madonna Young Mcgee, Joan Melton

PUPPETRY: John Tartaglia

Special Skills: High Belt, Multi Ethnic looking, Can skate on Heelys, Bartending, Puppetry Skills, Valid CA Driver’s license and passport

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